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Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law, 15th Edition by Grušić, Uglješa; Heinze, Christian; Merrett, Louise; Mills, Alex; Otero García-Castrillón, Carmen; Tang, Zheng Sophia; Trimmings, Katarina; Walker, Lara (28th September 2017)

Preface to the Fifteenth Edition

Paul Torremans

From: Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law (15th Edition)

Uglješa Grušić, Christian Heinze, Louise Merrett, Alex Mills, Carmen Otero García-Castrillón, Zheng Sophia Tang, Katarina Trimmings, Lara Walker
Edited By: Paul Torremans, James J. Fawcett

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From: Oxford Legal Research Library (http://olrl.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 16 September 2019

It was at the same time a privilege and a challenge to write this new fifteenth edition of Cheshire, North & Fawcett, Private International Law, and to follow in the footsteps of its illustrious former editors. We are first of all extremely grateful to James Fawcett, who accepted to stay on as consulting editor and who, in that capacity, has made a major contribution to this new edition. As general editor I had the support of a great team of authors: Prof. Carmen Otero-Garcia Castrillon (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, first drafts of chapters 1, 3–7, 29 with Paul Torremans), Prof. Christian Heinze (Leibnitz Universität Hannover, first drafts of chapters 19 and 20), Dr. Katarina Trimmings (University of Aberdeen, first drafts of chapters 21–23 and 25–27), Dr. Uglješa Grušić (UCL, first drafts of chapters 2, 8, 14–18 and 11 (with Alex Mills)) and Dr. Alex Mills (UCL, first drafts of chapters 10, 12, 13, 30–32, and 11 (with Uglješa Grušić)) each took on board several chapters, whilst Prof. Sophia Tang (Newcastle University, first drafts of chapters 28 and 35), Dr. Lara Walker (University of Sussex, first drafts of chapters 9, 24, 36 and 37) and Dr. Louise Merrett (University of Cambridge, first draft of chapter 38) provided specialist chapters. We each provided our detailed expertise, but James Fawcett and I made sure that each chapter reflects the specific and focussed approach that has made Cheshire, North & Fawcett’s reputation in the field of private international law.

Private international law remains a rapidly evolving subject area. Many of the new developments have a European and international character, which is entirely fitting for an area of law that by definition crosses borders and involves an international element. That international element is also reflected in the group of authors, but for all of us our experience is also strongly anchored in the United Kingdom. The Brexit vote intervened during the preparation of this new edition. In consultation with our publishers we have decided to ignore it (for now). One should not try to read any political content into this decision though. The impact of the Brexit vote is simply not known yet and that uncertainty also affects private international law. It is not clear at all how private international law in the United Kingdom will be affected and looking at the complexity of the matters at hand it is likely to take several years before the changes to private international law become clear.

We therefore focus on the law as it stands on 31st January 2017. The existing chapters have been thoroughly updated and, in part, been rewritten. We have also added new chapters on surrogacy, corporations and insolvency and in the area of recognition and enforcement the basic elements, as they apply both to judgments and arbitral awards, have been developed further and this has also seen the addition of another chapter.

We also wish to express our gratitude towards our publishers for their support throughout the preparation of this new edition, especially for the preparation of the various tables and the index.


January 2017

Paul L.C. Torremans(p. vi)