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Attorney-Client Privilege in International Arbitration by Möckesch, Annabelle

List of Abbreviations

From: Attorney-Client Privilege in International Arbitration

Annabelle Möckesch

From: Oxford Legal Research Library (http://olrl.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2015. All Rights Reserved. Subscriber: null; date: 26 May 2019

  • A2d

    Atlantic Reporter, Second Series

  • AC

    Law Reports, Appeal Cases


    Australian Centre for International Commercial Arbitration

  • AcP

    Archiv für civilistische Praxis

  • Admin


  • AG

    Amtsgericht; Aktiengesellschaft; Advocate General

  • ALI

    American Law Institute

  • All ER

    All England Reports

  • ALR

    Australian Law Reports

  • Alt


  • aM

    am Main

  • Am J Int’l L

    American Journal of International Law

  • Am Rev Int’l Arb

    American Review of International Arbitration

  • Am UL Rev

    American University Law Review

  • AnwBl


  • App Cas

    Law Reports, Appeal Cases

  • Arb Int’l

    Arbitration International

  • Ark


  • ASA Bulletin

    Swiss Arbitration Association Bulletin

  • Asian Int’l Arb J

    Asian International Arbitration Journal

  • BayObLG

    Bayerisches Oberstes Landesgericht

  • BB


  • BCCI

    Bank of Credit and Commerce International

  • BCLC

    Butterworths Company Law Cases

  • BCLR (3d)

    British Columbia Law Reports, Third Series

  • BGE

    Entscheidungen des Schweizerischen Bundesgerichts, Amtliche Sammlung

  • BGH


  • BGHSt

    Entscheidungen des Bundesgerichtshofs in Strafsachen

  • BIT

    Bilateral Investment Treaty

  • BIU

    Bingham Inquiry Unit

  • BRAK-Mitt


  • Brook L Rev

    Brooklyn Law Review

  • BVerfG


  • CA

    Court of Appeal


    Dominican Republic–Central America Free Trade Agreement

  • (p. xlii) CAMCA

    Commercial Arbitration and Mediation Centre for the Americas

  • Cardozo J Conflict Resol

    Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution

  • CAT

    Competition Appeal Tribunal

  • CD Cal

    Central District of California

  • CD Ill

    Central District of Illinois

  • CFR

    United States Code of Federal Regulations

  • Ch

    Chancery; Law Reports, Chancery Division

  • Ch D

    Law Reports, Chancery Division


    China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

  • Cir


  • CJ

    Chief Justice

  • CJEU

    Court of Justice of the European Union

  • CLC

    Commercial Law Cases

  • CLR

    Commonwealth Law Reports

  • CMLR

    Common Market Law Reports

  • Colum L Rev

    Columbia Law Review

  • Com LR

    Commercial Law Reports

  • Comm


  • Const LJ

    Construction Law Journal

  • CPR

    Civil Procedure Rules

  • CPR Rules

    International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution Rules for Administered Arbitration of International Disputes

  • Cr App R

    Criminal Appeal Reports

  • D Conn

    District of Connecticut

  • D Del

    District of Delaware

  • D Idaho

    District of Idaho

  • D Kan

    District of Kansas

  • D Mass

    District of Massachusetts

  • D Md

    District of Maryland

  • D Neb

    District of Nebraska

  • D Nev

    District of Nevada

  • DB

    Der Betrieb

  • DC

    District of Columbia

  • DDC

    District of District of Columbia

  • Den

    Denison & Pearce’s Crown Cases Reserved

  • Disp Resol Int’l

    Dispute Resolution International

  • Disp Resol J

    Dispute Resolution Journal

  • DLR (2d)

    Dominion Law Reports, 2nd Series

  • DNH

    District of New Hampshire

  • DNJ

    District of New Jersey

  • DNM

    District of New Mexico

  • Drew

    Drewry’s Vice Chancellor’s Reports tempore Kindersley

  • DSC

    District of South Carolina

  • DStR

    Deutsches Steuerrecht

  • (p. xliii) Duke LJ

    Duke Law Journal

  • Durn & E

    Durnford & East’s Term Reports, King’s Bench

  • DVI

    District of Virgin Islands

  • ECHR

    European Convention on Human Rights

  • ECLR

    European Competition Law Review

  • ECR

    European Court Reports

  • ed


  • edn


  • ED Mich

    Eastern District of Michigan

  • ED Mo

    Eastern District of Montana

  • ED Pa

    Eastern District of Pennsylvania

  • ED Tenn

    Eastern District of Tennessee

  • ED Tex

    Eastern District of Texas

  • EDNC

    Eastern District of North Carolina

  • eds


  • eg

    for example (from Latin exempli gratia)

  • EJIL

    European Journal of International Law

  • Emer Ct App

    Temporary Emergency Court of Appeals

  • ER

    English Reports

  • et al

    and others (from Latin et alii)

  • EU

    European Union

  • EuR


  • EuZW

    Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht

  • EWCA Civ

    England & Wales Court of Appeal, Civil Division

  • EWHC

    England & Wales High Court

  • Ex D

    Law Reports, Exchequer Division

  • F

    Federal Reporter

  • F Supp

    Federal Supplement

  • F Supp 2d

    Federal Supplement, Second Series

  • F2d

    Federal Reporter, Second Series

  • F3d

    Federal Reporter, Third Series

  • FCA

    Federal Court of Australia

  • Fed Appx

    Federal Appendix

  • Fed Cir

    Federal Circuit

  • Fed Cl

    Federal Claims Reporter

  • Fed Ct

    Federal Court

  • Fed R Serv 2d

    Federal Rules Service, Second Series

  • ff

    and the following

  • Fordham L Rev

    Fordham Law Review

  • FRCP

    Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

  • FRD

    Federal Rules Decision

  • FRE

    Federal Rules of Evidence

  • FSR

    Fleet Street Reports

  • GAR

    Global Arbitration Review

  • GC

    General Court

  • (p. xliv) gen


  • Geo LJ

    Georgetown Law Journal

  • GPR

    Zeitschrift für das Privatrecht der Europäischen Union

  • Harv L Rev

    Harvard Law Review

  • Hastings Comm/Ent LJ

    Hastings Communications and Entertainment Law Journal

  • HHJ

    His/Her Honour Judge

  • HL

    House of Lords

  • IBA

    International Bar Association

  • ICC

    International Chamber of Commerce

  • ICC ICArb Bull

    International Chamber of Commerce International Commercial Arbitration Bulletin

  • ICCA

    International Council for Commercial Arbitration

  • ICDR

    International Centre for Dispute Resolution

  • ICLQ

    International and Comparative Law Quarterly

  • ICLR

    International Construction Law Review

  • ICR

    Industrial Cases Reports


    International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes

  • ICSID Rep

    International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes Report

  • IDR-Beilage

    International Journal of Dispute Resolution-Beilage

  • ie

    that is to say (from Latin id est)

  • Ill


  • Ill App 3d

    Illinois Appellate Court Reports, Third Series

  • Ind

    Indiana Reports

  • Int ALR

    International Arbitration Law Review

  • Int’l Bus LJ

    International Business Law Journal

  • Iowa L Rev

    Iowa Law Review

  • IPRax

    Praxis des internationalen Privat- und Verfahrensrechts

  • J

    Judge of the High Court

  • J Int’l Arb

    Journal of International Arbitration

  • J Int’l Disp Settlement

    Journal of International Dispute Settlement

  • J Int’l L & Prac

    Journal of International Law and Practice

  • J Priv Int’l L

    Journal of Private International Law

  • JuS

    Juristische Schulung

  • JW

    Juristische Wochenschrift

  • JZ


  • K & J

    Kay and Johnson’s Vice Chancellor’s Reports

  • KTS

    Zeitschrift für Insolvenzrecht

  • La L Rev

    Louisiana Law Review

  • Law & Contemp Probs

    Law and Contemporary Problems

  • LC

    Lord Chancellor

  • LCIA

    London Court of International Arbitration

  • (p. xlv) LeipzZ

    Leipziger Zeitschrift für deutsches Recht

  • LG


  • LJ

    Lord Justice

  • Lloyd’s Rep

    Lloyd’s Law Reports

  • Loy U Ch Int’l Rev

    Loyola University Chicago International Review


    Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals

  • LR Ch App

    Law Reports, Chancery Appeal Cases

  • LR QBD

    Law Reports, Queen’s Bench Division

  • Mass

    Massachusetts Reports

  • Md


  • MD Ga

    Middle District of Georgia

  • MD Pa

    Middle District of Pennsylvania

  • MDNC

    Middle District of North Carolina

  • MDR

    Monatsschrift für Deutsche Recht

  • Melb J Int’l L

    Melbourne Journal of International Law

  • Mich L Rev

    Michigan Law Review

  • Mich St J Int’l L

    Michigan State Journal of International Law

  • Minn


  • Minn L Rev

    Minnesota Law Review

  • Mitt


  • MR

    Master of the Rolls

  • n



    North American Free Trade Agreement

  • NC

    North Carolina

  • ND Cal

    Northern District of California

  • ND Ga

    Northern District of Georgia

  • ND Ill

    Northern District of Illinois

  • ND Ohio

    Northern District of Ohio

  • ND Okla

    Northern District of Oklahoma

  • ND Tex

    Northern District of Texas

  • NDNY

    Northern District of New York

  • NH

    New Hampshire Reports

  • NJ

    Neue Justiz

  • NJOZ

    Neue Juristische Online-Zeitschrift

  • NJW

    Neue Juristische Wochenschrift

  • NJW-RR

    Neue Juristische Wochenschrift-Rechtsprechungs-Report

  • No


  • Notre Dame L Rev

    Notre Dame Law Review

  • NStZ

    Neue Zeitschrift für Strafrecht

  • Nw J Int’l L & Bus

    Northwestern Journal of International Law & Business

  • Nw UL Rev

    Northwestern University Law Review

  • NW2d

    North Western Reporter, Second Series

  • NY

    New York; New York Reports

  • NYS2d

    New York Supplement, Second Series

  • NYU L Rev

    New York University Law Review

  • NZI

    Neue Zeitschrift für Insolvenzrecht

  • (p. xlvi) Ohio St J on Disp Resol

    Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution

  • OJ

    Official Journal of the European Communities

  • OLG


  • OLGR


  • p


  • P

    Law Reports, Probate

  • para


  • paras


  • PCA

    Permanent Court of Arbitration

  • PD

    Law Reports, Probate, Divorce & Admiralty Division

  • PD

    Practice Direction

  • PLI/Lit

    Practising Law Institute/Literature

  • PNLR

    Professional Negligence and Liability Reports

  • pp


  • QB

    Law Reports, Queen’s Bench

  • QBD

    Law Reports, Queen’s Bench Division

  • QC

    Queen’s Counsel

  • RabelsZ

    Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht

  • RI

    Rhode Island

  • S Ct

    Supreme Court Reporter

  • SCC

    Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

  • SchiedsVZ

    Zeitschrift für Schiedsverfahren

  • SD Cal

    Southern District of California

  • SD Fla

    Southern District of Florida

  • SD Ga

    Southern District of Georgia

  • SD Ind

    Southern District of Indiana

  • SD Miss

    Southern District of Mississippi

  • SD Ohio

    Southern District of Ohio

  • SD Tex

    Southern District of Texas

  • SDNY

    Southern District of New York

  • SDW Va

    Southern District of West Virginia

  • SIAC

    Singapore International Arbitration Centre

  • SIAR

    Stockholm International Arbitration Review

  • SRA

    Solicitors Regulation Authority

  • Stan L Rev

    Stanford Law Review

  • Suffolk UL Rev

    Suffolk University Law Review

  • Super Ct Pa

    Superior Court of Pennsylvania

  • Suppl


  • SW2d

    South Western Reporter, Second Series

  • Sydney L Rev

    Sydney Law Review

  • T Jefferson L Rev

    Thomas Jefferson Law Review

  • Tex


  • (p. xlvii) Tex L Rev

    Texas Law Review

  • Tul L Rev

    Tulane Law Review

  • U Chi L Rev

    University of Chicago Law Review

  • U Pitt L Rev

    University of Pittsburgh Law Review

  • UKPC

    United Kingdom Privy Council

  • UKSC

    United Kingdom Supreme Court


    United Nations Commission on International Trade Law


    International Institute for the Unification of Private Law


    University of New South Wales Law Journal

  • US

    United States of America; United States Supreme Court Reports

  • USPQ

    United States Patents Quarterly

  • Va


  • Vand J Transnat’l L

    Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law

  • VIAC

    Vienna International Arbitration Centre

  • VJ Int’l Comm L and Arb

    Vindobona Journal of International Commercial Law and Arbitration

  • vol


  • vols


  • WD Mich

    Western District of Michigan

  • WD Pa

    Western District of Pennsylvania

  • WD Tenn

    Western District of Tennessee

  • WD Wash

    Western District of Washington

  • WDNC

    Western District of North Carolina

  • WDNY

    Western District of New York

  • Willamette LJ

    Willamette Law Journal

  • Wis


  • wistra

    Zeitschrift für Wirtschaft, Steuer, Strafrecht

  • WL

    Westlaw Transcripts

  • WLR

    Weekly Law Reports

  • WM


  • WTO

    World Trade Organization

  • YB Comm Arb

    Yearbook of Commercial Arbitration

  • ZeuP

    Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht

  • ZinsO

    Zeitschrift für das gesamte Insolvenzrecht

  • ZVglRWiss

    Zeitschrift für vergleichende Rechtswissenschaft

  • ZZP

    Zeitschrift für Zivilprozess

  • ZZPInt

    Zeitschrift für Zivilprozess International

(p. xlviii)