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Part II International Sales Governed by the UN Sale Convention 1980 (CISG), 11 Formation and Performance of the Contract

MG Bridge

From: The International Sale of Goods (4th Edition)

Michael Bridge

From: Oxford Legal Research Library (http://olrl.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2021. All Rights Reserved.date: 25 September 2021

Formation of contract — Performance of contract — Obligations of the buyer — Obligations of the seller

This chapter discusses the differences in the formation and performance of the contract between the Sale of Goods Act and the CISG. The differences between English law and the CISG are various. They include, first, rules in the CISG that have no counterpart in English sales law. They also include rules that on the face of it differ from their English equivalents, rules that appear to accord with English law but on closer inspection may depart from it, and rules in English law that are not to be found in the CISG. The chapter pays attention to the form in which the contractual agreement may be expressed, to the incorporation of standard terms in the contract by reference to an external source, to the question whether and to what extent all communications passing between the parties constitute part of the contract, and to the interpretation of the contract itself.

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