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Principles of International Financial Law (2nd Edition)

Colin Bamford


The book examines a number of legal concepts developed in the common law world that form the foundation of the operation of international financial transactions. It does not deal with the detailed rules that govern financial transactions, but rather with the ideas that gave rise to the present rules and which, when those rules change, will underpin the new rules that replace them. The aim is not to give an academic analysis of detailed legal rules but to help practitioners better understand the rules with which they deal and where the rules came from. International finance is an area of legal practice that constantly changes. Legal practitioners can master that process of change only if they fully understand the principles and concepts on which the structure is built. The book is divided into eleven chapters dealing with a wide range of ideas; the legal nature of money; the meaning and mechanisms of payment; the relationship in common law between personal legal rights and rights of property; the nature of intangibles as property; the structure of international bond documentation; fiduciary duties in the general law and in financial markets; mechanisms of credit support; the nature of security interests; and the construction and interpretation of financial contracts.

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Colin Bamford, author

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Principles of International Financial Law, 2nd Edition by Bamford, Colin (26th February 2015)