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For Authors

Dear Contributor,

We are pleased to announce the launch of International Commercial Arbitration, one of the first collections included in the new Oxford Legal Research Library.

This collection offers an exceptional resource for the arbitration researcher and includes some of the leading works in International commercial arbitration. Delivering valuable content in an interlinked, searchable and easy-to-access format, the service is underpinned by key authoritative reference works, Redfern & Hunter, International Commercial Arbitration, and McLachlan, Shore, & Weiniger, International Investment Arbitration. Also included are titles covering the rules and procedure of key arbitral bodies and jurisdictions, as well as key treatises looking at specific areas of international arbitration practice, with topics ranging from consent and annulment through to the calculation of damages. Titles included at launch are:

  • Blackaby, Blackaby, Partasides, Redfern, & Hunter: Redfern And Hunter on International Arbitration, Fifth Edition
  • McLachlan, Shore, & Weiniger: International Investment Arbitration: Substantive Principles
  • Moser And Choong: Asia Arbitration Handbook
  • Gallagher & Shan: Chinese Investment Treaties: Policies and Practice
  • Turner & Mohtashami: A Guide to the LCIA Arbitration Rules
  • Gusy et al: A Guide to the ICDR International Arbitration Rules
  • Caron & Caplan: The UNCITRAL Rules: A Commentary, Second edition
  • Weigand: Practitioners Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration, Second edition
  • Weeramantry: Treaty Interpretation in Investment Arbitration
  • Park: Arbitration of International Business Dispute Settlement: Law & Practice, Second edition
  • Wehland: The Coordination Of Multiple Proceedings In Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Carter: International Commercial Arbitration in New York
  • Strong: International Commercial Arbitration: Research & Practice
  • Bishop: Annulment Under the ICSID Convention
  • Brekoulakis: Third Parties in International Commercial Arbitration
  • Steingruber: Consent International Arbitration
  • Marboe: Calculation of Compensation and Damages in International Investment Law

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working with us to include your work in International Commercial Arbitration. With the publication of our key International commercial law works, and improvements in user functionality, we are excited to introduce authors and customers to this essential resource. The development of International Commercial Arbitration underlines Oxford’s commitment to the dissemination of scholarship, with enhanced functionality enabling flexible user journeys through an increased range of content. These features reflect the evolution of user requirements in a rapidly-shifting digital environment, with more intuitive search tools, and better linking to related content.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and offer you this guide to provide the opportunity for you to further promote your own work. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, the marketing team, or your commissioning editor if you would like to share your thoughts or views.


Andy Redman
Editorial Director, Oxford University Press