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The migration of OUP law products planned for 11 July 2024 has been delayed. Please check our migration page for updates.


What is International Commercial Arbitration?

International Commercial Arbitration (ICMA) is a collection of key reference works within the Oxford Legal Research Library. This is an exceptional resource for the arbitration researcher, bringing together some of the leading works in the field.

Delivering valuable content in an interlinked, searchable and easy-to-access format, the service is underpinned by key authoritative works including Redfern & Hunter, International Commercial Arbitration.

Also included are titles covering the rules and procedure of key arbitral bodies and jurisdictions, as well as key treatises looking at specific areas of international arbitration practice, with topics ranging from consent and annulment through to the calculation of damages.

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Why International Commercial Arbitration?

ICMA supports arbitration practitioners by providing:

  • Integrated access to the leading reference works by specialists in commercial arbitration leading to the most authoritative work in the field
  • Full text and advanced searching across all available titles; narrow your results by title, author or subject area
  • Extensive linking through the Oxford Law Citator to information about cases and other collections within OLRL such as International Commercial Law and with other key Oxford online services including Oxford Competition Law, and Investment Claims.
  • New works and new editions on international commercial arbitration will be added to each collection as they are published ensuring that the service remains a current and authoritative resource.


What is the Oxford Legal Research Library

Oxford Legal Research Library (OLRL) is a new family of products from Oxford University Press, providing integrated access across collections of key law titles in a variety of subject areas. OLRL currently includes four collections, International Commercial Arbitration, International Commerical Law, Private International Law, and Financial and Banking Law. Each collection can be browsed and searched separately, or users with access to more than one collection can choose to search them together via the OLRL family interface. The OLRL collections aim to speed up research and provide easy access to authoritative content, and are an essential resource for anyone currently performing research in these areas of law and practice.

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Obtaining access to International Commercial Arbitration

Subscriptions and 30-day free-trials are available to institutions for all of our resources. If you are an academic, professional or a student, you can recommend the services within ICMA to your Librarian.