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P.R.I.M.E. Finance 2020 Conference Collection

This year the annual P.R.I.M.E. Finance Conference is being held 3rd-4th February at the Peace Palace in the Hague. We’ve picked out some of the main topics of the 2020 programme and curated a collection of key book chapters and journal articles for you to read in preparation for the conference or as a refresher after the conference close.

All content will be freely available until 31st March 2020.


New to Oxford Legal Research Library

Principles of International Financial Law
Colin Bamford

Market Abuse Regulation (3rd Edition)
Edward J Swan, John Virgo

Cryptocurrencies in Public and Private Law
David Fox and Sarah Green

The Law of Financial Advice, Investment Management, and Trading
Lodewijk van Setten

Governance of Financial Institutions
Danny Busch, Guido Ferrarini, and Gerard van Solinge


Arbitration, Financial Services and Banking Disputes

1: The Modern Role of Arbitration in Banking and Finance
International Financial Disputes: Arbitration and Mediation
Edited by Jeffrey Golden and Carolyn Lamm

16 Dispute Resolution in Project Finance Transactions
International Project Finance (3rd Edition)
John Dewar

Part B: Conflict of Laws and Cross-Border Issues, 6: Jurisdiction and the Resolution 
of Disputes

McKnight, Paterson, & Zakrzewski on the Law of International Finance (2nd Edition)
Edited by Sarah Paterson and Rafal Zakrzewski

12 Sovereign Arbitration - Karen Halverson Cross
Sovereign Debt Management
Edited by Rosa M Lastra and Lee Buchheit

12 Dispute Resolution and Specialized ADR for Islamic Finance - Andrew White
Islamic Finance: Law and Practice
Edited by Craig R.Nethercott and David M. Eisenberg


Brexit and its Impact on Financial Services

Banking regulation after Brexit
Charles H R Morris
Author of The Law of Financial Services Groups

Brexit and Financial Regulation
Jonathan Herbst and Simon Lovegrove

“UK regulation of term securitization following a hard Brexit”
Marke Raines

Part I: General Aspects, 1: Capital Markets Union after Brexit
Capital Markets Union in Europe
Edited by Danny Busch, Emilios Avgouleas, Guido Ferrarini

"The Evolution of the EU External Trade Policy in Services – CETA, TTIP, and TiSA after Brexit"
Panagiotis Delimatsis

"The United Kingdom’s Post-Brexit Trade Regime with the European Union and the Rest of the World: Perspectives and Constraints"
Giorgio Sacerdoti