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Part 2 Specific Issues of Arbitration in Brazil, 21 Oil and Gas Arbitration »

Rodrigo Garcia da Fonseca
From: International Arbitration: Law and Practice in Brazil
Edited By: Peter Sester
This chapter discusses oil and gas arbitration in Brazil. The oil and gas sector has undoubtedly played a big role in the evolution of arbitration in Brazil. It is a very international and sophisticated industry, and as such, a very frequent user of arbitration. Nowadays, it does not even make sense anymore to refer to arbitration as an alternative means of dispute resolution in certain areas. When it comes to international contracts, or to certain industries, such as oil and gas, arbitration has become the natural and sometimes almost the only means of dispute resolution. The possibility of having neutral and specialized arbitrators, neutral venues, and confidentiality, among other features of arbitration, make it very appealing for the players in industries like the oil and gas sector. The chapter then looks at some examples of the types of cases that have arisen within the industry of oil and gas. Many of these cases present cutting-edge legal issues that are shaping the evolution of Brazilian arbitration law and practice in general.