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Part II Islamic Law and Contracts in Practice, 11 Sukuk »

Atif Hanif, Julian Johansen, Edana Richardson
From: Islamic Finance: Law and Practice (2nd Edition)
Edited By: Craig R. Nethercott, David M. Eisenberg
This chapter focuses on the sukuk market, which represents one of the more high-profile elements of the Islamic finance industry. Over the last two decades, the sukuk market has been a key driver behind the growth of Islamic finance globally, with the state of the sukuk market often seen as a barometer for the health of the wider Islamic finance market. However, the sukuk industry has also had its own specific hurdles to overcome. Internal scepticism, a multitude of complex structures, and legislative restrictions have all contributed to the current shape of the sukuk market. While this market may never challenge the conventional debt capital markets in terms of size or accessibility, it remains a key aspect of the Islamic finance industry generally and offers an important Shari’a-compliant resource for issuers and investors.