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Mikhail Ivanov, Inna Manassyan
From: Choice of Venue in International Arbitration
Edited By: Michael Ostrove, Claudia Salomon, Bette Shifman
This chapter evaluates the merits of Moscow as a venue for international arbitration proceedings. It discusses the history and development of arbitration in Russia; the processes and rules involved as well as the role of courts in the conduct of arbitration proceedings; and rules for arbitral awards. A recent survey on Russia as a place for arbitration showed that most respondents did not have any manifestly positive or negative attitude toward Russia as a place for arbitration. This absence of ‘exceptionally positive’ or ‘exceptionally negative’ views shows that continued efforts in providing greater support to arbitration are needed to bring Russia's current status of international arbitration practices in line with international trends. On a positive note, the Russian Federation appears to be moving gradually toward improving the efficiency of its legislation on international arbitration and abandoning the historical, overly formalistic approach of state courts on matters related to arbitration.