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Pascal Hollander, Maarten Draye
From: Choice of Venue in International Arbitration
Edited By: Michael Ostrove, Claudia Salomon, Bette Shifman
This chapter evaluates the merits of Brussels as a venue for international arbitration proceedings. It discusses the history and development of arbitration in Belgium; the processes and rules involved as well as the role of courts in the conduct of arbitration proceedings; and rules for arbitral awards. It concludes that the revision of the Belgian Law on Arbitration (BLA) based on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law in 2013 has resulted in a modern, state of the art, and progressive arbitration law, which is characterized by flexibility and demonstrates the will of the Belgian legislator to provide an efficient framework for a modern business environment within which arbitration can proceed in the best possible circumstances. The geographical position of Brussels, its status as an international administrative and business center, and the relatively low cost of arbitrating in Brussels further explain why it is increasingly chosen as a seat for arbitration.