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Richard Happ
From: Choice of Venue in International Arbitration
Edited By: Michael Ostrove, Claudia Salomon, Bette Shifman
This chapter evaluates the merits of Germany as a venue for international arbitration proceedings. It discusses the history and development of arbitration in Germany; the processes and rules involved as well as the role of courts in the conduct of arbitration proceedings; and rules for arbitral awards. It concludes that Germany offers a modern and effective legal framework for international arbitration. As in other popular arbitration jurisdictions, there are deviations from the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Model Law regarding the courts' control of and assistance in the proceedings that do not affect Germany' s general suitability as arbitration venue. Nevertheless, a German venue is not always on the shortlist of counsel and arbitral tribunals. One possible obstacle in the minds of foreign lawyers is that there is not a single German arbitration venue akin to London for the United Kingdom or Paris for France. Instead, there are at least six suitable venues in Germany. The ability to choose should not be seen as an obstacle, but rather as an advantage.