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Part 2 National and Regional Reports, Part 2.4 Europe: Coordinated by Thomas Kadner Graziano, 49 Turkey: Turkish Perspectives on the Hague Principles »

Nuray Ekşi
From: Choice of Law in International Commercial Contracts
Edited By: Daniel Girsberger, Thomas Kadner Graziano, Jan L Neels
This chapter explores Turkish perspectives on the Hague Principles. The content of Turkish Private International Law is highly comprehensive. In addition to choice of law and international procedural law, it also covers nationality law, as well as the law on foreign nationals. Private international law rules and issues regarding international procedural law are codified in Law No 5718 on Private International Law and Procedural Law (PILA), which has been in force since 2007. Besides the PILA, the Turkish Commercial Code contains conflict of laws rules regarding bills of exchange, checks, and promissory notes. According to Article 1(2) PILA, the application of international treaties ratified by Turkey takes priority over the application of PIL rules. Consequently, in each case, the court, before taking into account PILA’s Articles, has to determine whether any international treaty exists regarding international commercial contracts. If an international treaty exists, then it takes priority unless otherwise expressed in the treaty itself. For the time being, the Turkish Parliament has no intention to revise the PILA and supplement it with the Hague Principles.