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Part I Commercial Arbitration in the Energy Sector, 5 Energy Construction and Infrastructure Disputes »

Peter Rees QC, Jess Connors
From: International Arbitration in the Energy Sector
Edited By: Maxi Scherer
This chapter discusses the types of disputes which commonly arise in relation to energy and infrastructure construction projects. In terms of physical subject matter — that is, what is being built — this encompasses a wide range of structures, both onshore and offshore. The chapter describes the types of energy and infrastructure construction projects covered here. Moreover, it shows that, despite the variety of problems which can arise in disputes, there are common pressure points in projects which give rise to similar issues. Therefore, the chapter identifies some of the standard form contracts which are used (often in an adapted form) in these types of projects. Next, the chapter considers — from an English law perspective — some of the types of clauses which commonly feature in energy and infrastructure construction contracts.