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Kathleen van der Linde, Juanitta Calitz
From: Ranking and Priority of Creditors
Edited By: Dennis Faber, Niels Vermunt, Jason Kilborn, Tomáš Richter, Ignacio Tirado
This chapter discusses the law on creditor claims in South Africa, where bankruptcy proceedings in are governed by the Insolvency Act and the 1973 Companies Act, while reorganization in business rescue proceedings is regulated under the 2008 Companies Act. Liquidation and business rescue each has its own approach to the submission, verification, and admission of claims; the scope of creditor participation; the calculation of voting rights; the realization of secured assets; and the range of preferential creditors. So it is unsurprising that creditors may prefer one procedure over the other irrespective of the debtor’s financial prospects. South African law does not provide for super-priority claims. In both bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings, administration expenses always rank first. The chapter examines insolvency claims, administration claims, and non-enforceable claims in turn. Each section covers: the definition and scope of the claim; rules for submission, verification, and satisfaction or admission of claims; ranking of claims; and voting and other participation rights in insolvency proceedings.