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Fredrik Andersson, Kristoffer Löf
From: Choice of Venue in International Arbitration
Edited By: Michael Ostrove, Claudia Salomon, Bette Shifman
This chapter evaluates the merits of Stockholm as a venue for international arbitration proceedings. It discusses the history and development of arbitration in Sweden; the processes and rules involved as well as the role of courts in the conduct of arbitration proceedings; and rules for arbitral awards. It concludes that the legal framework, the practice of the courts, and the experience of Swedish arbitration practitioners, all ensure an arbitration-friendly environment at the highest international standards. Stockholm and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC) have long maintained a position as a preferred venue for resolving international disputes in general and disputes with an East-West dimension in particular. The long tradition of arbitration in Sweden has yielded a rich body of case law relating to arbitration, providing for a predictable procedure. The Swedish courts respect and enforce arbitration agreements and do not interfere unduly in arbitration proceedings. Awards cannot be challenged based on the merits and can be set aside only on the basis of serious procedural irregularities or narrowly defined issues of non-arbitrability or public policy.