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Part II Non-Contractual Obligations Arising Out of Tort/Delict, 6 Unfair Competition/Restriction of Competition

From: The Rome II Regulation: The Law Applicable to Non-Contractual Obligations: Updating Supplement

Andrew Dickinson

From: Oxford Legal Research Library (http://olrl.ouplaw.com). (c) Oxford University Press, 2023. All Rights Reserved.date: 14 July 2024

Applicable law — Breach of contract — Calculation of damages — d06ee952-cd58-4918-b73a-2338e75fe17b — ac58fe26-45de-4e37-a018-22d920fc32a0 — 619b40f9-8caf-442d-bf3d-20ab75f56db8
6.11 (n 39) Add Recital (21) was referred to approvingly by the German Bundesgerichtshof‎ in its first decision on the Rome II Regulation (Decision XaZR 19/08 (9 July 2009), para 19) (6.41 below). Line 5—Insert footnote 39A after ‘appear to suggest’ Also M Hellner, ‘Unfair Competition and Acts Restricting Free Competition’ (2007) 9 YPIL 49, 51–5. 6.15 Insert footnote 47A after heading ‘Scope and Relationship with Other Rules’ For discussion of the approach to characterization under Art 6, see J Fitchen, ‘Choice of Law in International Claims Based on Restrictions...
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