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Capital and Liquidity Requirements for European Banks (1)

Edited by Bart P.M. Joosen, Marco Lamandini, Tobias H. Tröger


Part of the Oxford EU Financial Regulation Series, this book analyses the harmonised legislative framework for capital adequacy and liquidity supervision in the Single Rule Book for European banks. It brings together leading experts in the field of prudential banking regulation and accounting to provide an in-depth analysis of the regulatory framework. The book goes far beyond the existing rules and standards, not only by looking into the historical realisation of the European Single Rule Book (SRB) for capital adequacy and liquidity supervision, but also by going deeply into the background of the standards put forward by the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision, the global rule-maker for the financial sector. The insights provided into the historical and normative background are essential in order to facilitate a more constructive interpretation of the extensive rules of the SRB The book also delivers a deeper understanding of the various policy choices that Europe has made in the transposition of the Basel standards. An important reference source for all legal practitioners and scholars researching European financial regulation, the book provides an extensive representation of the key topics, affording the reader unique insights into the interrelation and the interplay of the various prudential rules and standards in Europe.

Bibliographic Information

Bart P.M. Joosen, editor

Marco Lamandini, editor

Tobias H. Tröger, editor

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