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Principles of International Financial Law (3rd Edition)

Colin Bamford

Previous Edition (2 ed.)


The book examines a number of legal concepts developed in the common law world that form the foundation of the operation of international financial transactions. It does not deal with the detailed rules that govern financial transactions, but rather with the ideas that gave rise to the present rules and which, when those rules change, will underpin the new rules that replace them. The aim is not to give an academic analysis of detailed legal rules but to help practitioners better understand the rules with which they deal and where the rules came from. International finance is an area of legal practice that constantly changes. Legal practitioners can master that process of change only if they fully understand the principles and concepts on which the structure is built. Since the last edition was written there have been a number of developments in the technology used in the financial markets that question the legal principles on which they operate. In particular, the impact of Distributed Ledger Technology (e.g. Blockchain) on the transfer of intangible assets and the effect on the rights of parties involved is considered from both a legal and practical position. Additionally, the legal implications of the use of cryptocurrencies, including their use as Initial Coin Offerings, are also considered.

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