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Carriage of Goods by Sea (3rd Edition)

Stephen Girvin


This book provides an extensive comparative analysis of the carriage of goods by sea, examining the principles, regulation, responsibilities, obligations, and immunities within this area of English law in a single volume. The book covers a broad range of subjects in this area of shipping law. These include an essential overview of the business of shipping, a core group of chapters on different functions of bills of lading and other documents of carriage, the international and domestic regulation of carriage, an analysis of the major conventions (the Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules, and the Rotterdam Rules), as well as the shippers’ responsibilities, both at common law and under the international conventions. Later chapters are concerned with the obligations of the carrier, and the rights and immunities of the carrier, again at common law, and under the international conventions. The book concludes by examining charterparties, as well as including chapters on frustration and damages. This third edition provides updates on new bills of lading, major Commonwealth developments impacting on the law in this field, and UK Supreme Court decisions including Volcafe Ltd v Compania Sud Americana de Vapores SA (Trading as CSAV) [2018] UKSC 61, The Ocean Victory [2017] UKSC 35, and The Kos [2012] UKSC 17. It also includes a new chapter relating to damages.

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Stephen Girvin, author

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