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McMeel on The Construction of Contracts (3rd Edition)

Gerard McMeel


This book, on the construction of contracts, explores the legal principles involved in contract formation and interpretation as well as the current trends in commercial contract litigation, providing practical guidance on how courts would interpret contractual terms with reference to recent commercial contract litigation. This third edition gives principle-by-principle coverage of the main elements of contract formation and updates them with reference to recent case law. Recent major construction of contract cases are discussed, including Pink Floyd Music (CA) and the recent UK Supreme Court ruling in the case of Rainy Sky v Kookmin Bank (2011) together with first instance commentary on the role of commercial purpose. The issue of rectification is given expanded coverage in the new edition reflecting the law's state of flux in this area with recent cases such as Daventry (2011), Cherry Tree v Landmain (2012), and Tartsinis v Navona (2015) demonstrating this uncertainty. Recognition of good faith is discussed with reference to Leggatt J in Yam Seng and MSC C Mediterranean Shipping v Cottonex (2015) and Prime Sight v Lavarello (2013) reflects the Privy Council's recent interpretation of the law of contractual estoppel.

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Gerard McMeel, author

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