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Legal and Conduct Risk in the Financial Markets (3rd Edition)

Roger McCormick, Chris Stears


This third edition on legal risk has been expanded to include much new material specifically on conduct risk. It has been updated to take into account developments in the law and professional standards concerning such risks and associated values in the context of the financial markets. Significant (and in some cases, endemic) conduct-related scandals, such as the widespread mis-selling of financial products and LIBOR manipulation, exposed by the financial crisis, have resulted in legal and regulatory change in equal measure (and profound effect) to that of the prudential and financial stability concerns captured in the second edition. Consequently this new edition fully examines the current approach to trust, ethics, and conduct within the broader framework of reputational and legal risk. In doing so, it clarifies what constitutes legal risk in contemporary financial markets and how to manage it, drawing on examples and case studies. Other developments in areas such as the resolution/insolvency of banks, the revision of the UK regulatory structure from the Financial Services Authority to the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority, and the recently made new crime of reckless management of a bank are all considered in full. There is also discussion of trends in areas ripe for development such as fiduciary duty amongst financial markets participants.

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Roger McCormick, author

Chris Stears, author

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