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Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments in Europe: The Brussels I Regulation, the Lugano Convention, and the Hague Choice of Court Convention

Trevor C Hartley


This book offers comprehensive coverage and analysis of the relationship between the three instruments governing civil jurisdiction and judgments in Europe: the Brussels Regulation, the Lugano Convention, and the Hague Choice of Court Convention. The text provides a practical explanation of how the instruments operate, focusing on real-life litigation problems, and including extensive reference to the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union. The work is specifically designed for ease of navigation and is split into four parts. Part I offers an introduction to the features and scope of each of the instruments. Part II goes on to examine the issue of jurisdiction whilst Part III tackles recognition and enforcement. Finally, Part IV addresses procedural and systematic problems. A detailed table of contents and extensive cross-referencing throughout make it simple to home in on the relevant sections.

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Trevor C Hartley, author

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