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Private International Law in English Courts 2e (2nd Edition)

Prof Adrian Briggs


Private International Law in English Courts, in its Second Edition, provides a statement of the rules of private international law—jurisdiction, applicable law, and foreign judgments—which regulate and govern in proceedings before the courts of England and Wales in 2023. It seeks to explain the rules in a logical and accessible way, but also to question or criticize them where this is necessary for their better understanding. It makes reference to decided cases and other authority to the extent that this is necessary to vouch for the law as described, while being attentive to the risk of allowing the detail to obscure the principles. The greatest challenge will be seen to have been to deal with the untidy consequences—superficial as well as fundamental—of leaving the European Union, and the system of laws increasingly governing it, in these three areas of private international law. The aim is to produce a coherent statement of the law which can be relied on by those in legal practice as well as those aspiring to that calling. Assessed from that point of view the aim is very similar, but the product very different, from the First Edition.

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Prof Adrian Briggs, author

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