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The EU Crowdfunding Regulation

Edited by Pietro Ortolani, Marije Louisse


Part of the Oxford EU Financial Regulation Series, this book provides an in-depth and timely analysis of the EU Crowdfunding Regulation, which is intended to make it easier for crowdfunding platforms to operate throughout the EU, and which came into force on 10 November 2021. The book answers legal questions raised by the Regulation, and assesses its impact on legal practice, considering the position of the various types of crowdfunding. The analysis is divided into six parts. The first two parts describe how the Regulation came into being and the role of the Regulation in European capital markets, before defining and assessing the scope of the Regulation. Parts three to five explain how the Regulation applies to the three main players in crowdfunding: the crowdfunding service providers; the project owners; and the investors who form the ‘crowd’, examining the relevant applicable obligations and safeguards. The final part looks at managing, preventing, and resolving crowdfunding-related disputes. Providing a balance between academic scrutiny and practical context (including consideration of how the Regulation interacts with UK law after Brexit) and drawing upon various aspects of financial law, consumer law, and dispute prevention/resolution, the book is invaluable for legal practitioners and academics looking for a single resource to elucidate this rapidly expanding mode of financing.

Bibliographic Information

Pietro Ortolani, editor

Marije Louisse, editor

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