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The Sale of Goods, 3rd Edition by Bridge, M G (1st January 2014)

1 Introduction and Conclusion of the Contract

From: The Sale of Goods (3rd Edition)

M G Bridge

Performance of contract — Remedies for breach of contract — Termination/unwinding of contract — Electronic commerce and choice of law
1.01 Sale of goods is a specialized branch of the general law of contract. Its case law has been of fundamental importance in assisting the development of the general law. In two principal respects, however, the special law of sale of goods stands apart from general contract law. First, unlike most nominate contracts, sale involves a conveyance of the seller’s property interest in the goods in favour of the buyer, which, together with the abundance of reported sales decisions, lends a degree of autonomy to this branch of the law. Secondly, and quite strikingly in...
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