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Cheshire, North and Fawcett: Private International Law, 15th Edition by Grušić, Uglješa; Heinze, Christian; Merrett, Louise; Mills, Alex; Otero García-Castrillón, Carmen; Sophia Tang, Zheng; Trimmings, Katarina; Walker, Lara (28th September 2017)

Table of Statutes

Paul Torremans

From: Cheshire, North and Fawcett: Private International Law (15th Edition)

Uglješa Grušić, Christian Heinze, Louise Merrett, Alex Mills, Carmen Otero García-Castrillón, Zheng Sophia Tang, Katarina Trimmings, Lara Walker
Edited By: Paul Torremans, James J. Fawcett

Introductory Note

This Table is set out in the following sections (in this order): UK (including Scotland and Northern Ireland) Statutes, followed by UK Statutory Instruments; EU Legislation (primary and secondary, excluding conventions); European Conventions; International Conventions; Bilateral Treaties; National Legislation of Other Countries (subdivided by country). Alphabetical order is followed within sections/subsections.