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Letters of Credit - The Law and Practice of Compliance by Adodo, Ebenezer (1st February 2014)

Part I Setting Up a Letter of Credit Transaction, 1 Business Framework of the Credit Device

From: Letters of Credit: The Law and Practice of Compliance

Ebenezer Adodo

Modes of payment — Letters of credit and damages
1.01 From very early times, mercantile custom and practice common to all legal systems evolved alternative methods of payment of the purchase price of goods in foreign sales transactions. In settling the provisions of a sales transaction contemplating, for example, large-scale, long-haul shipments, the seller can stipulate for an advance payment, due from the buyer upon closing the negotiations; or may content himself with selling the goods to the buyer on open account terms; or agree to employ a bill of exchange; or request the buyer to furnish a letter of credit...
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