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A Guide to the SIAC Arbitration Rules

Mark Mangan, Lucy Reed, John Choong


This book provides a rule-by-rule examination of the inception, interpretation, and application of the 2010 SIAC Rules. Its approach is practical and strategic and considers how each rule features in the context of the realities that practitioners face, while a complementary thematic analysis brings out connections between the rules and those of other institutions. The work benefits from the privileged access to the travaux préparatoires of the 2010 Arbitration Rules Drafting Committee, giving them insight into the purposive thinking behind the amendments, as well as access to SIAC awards and the views of the SIAC Secretariat. The book begins with an analysis of Singapore arbitration law, the history of the SIAC, and a consideration of the rising prominence of Indian parties in SIAC arbitrations and its consequences. Every rule is then examined in detail. The book concludes with chapters dedicated to SIAC domestic arbitrations and cases administered by SIAC which are governed by the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. Relevant supporting documents are appended, including SIAC Practice Notes and the SIAC Code of Ethics for Arbitrators.

Bibliographic Information

Mark Mangan, author

Lucy Reed, author

John Choong, author

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A Guide to the SIAC Arbitration Rules by Mangan, Mark; Reed, Lucy; Choong, John (1st August 2014)