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Market Abuse Regulation - Commentary and Annotated Guide edited by Ventoruzzo, Marco; Mock, Sebastian (30th November 2017)

Part B Commentary, 1 General Provisions, Article 3: Definitions

Sebastian Mock

From: Market Abuse Regulation: Commentary and Annotated Guide

Edited By: Marco Ventoruzzo, Sebastian Mock

Conduct of business regulation — Investment business — Market abuse — Market Abuse Directive (MAD) — Regulated activities

This chapter takes a look at Article 3, from the general definitions laid out in Article 3(1) to the special definitions that are only relevant for the exemption for buy-back programmes and stabilization measures laid out in Article 5. Article 3 sets out the definitions which are the basis for the interpretation and application of the Market Abuse Regulation. The definitions in Article 3 are furthermore binding for the application of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). In addition, the references in Article 3 to other regulations and directives of the Union are frozen. This means that any change in these regulations or directives does not affect the application or interpretation of the definitions in Article 3 and the meaning within the interpretation and application of the Market Abuse Regulation, unless stated otherwise in the respective directive or regulation.

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